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This is ONE MORE SERVING'S first blog post of 2012. I thought I would do things a little differently this year. While in the process of completing a new book, I have discovered it is nearly impossible for me to add to my platter without subtracting as well. I finally had to realize even with exceptional planning and organization, humans are at best just vessels and like any vessel, there is a saturation point where anything that is put in beyond that point is merely sloughed off and wasted.

So I want to make this blog meaningful and inspirational, but also effective and practical and I will attempt to do it best by highlighting ONE word titles that continue to profile incredible people but also extend relevant ideas to improve personal and professional lives and the way those lives interact with one another.

The first word this year is ASSESS.  I think it is quite possible the most important word we need to have before we take on a project, make a decision, choose a direction or even respond to a question. Often a few moments of just assessing a situation, circumstance, remark, action or opinion can radically change what we might do or say otherwise, had we not taken a moment to look at all sides.

I want to try to assess something I see or hear before I immediately react. I hope in conditioning myself to assess what I am taking in, I might be more effective and less reactive. I most definitely will be doing this as I begin to transition the ONE MORE SERVING  blog into the new blog for the new book, FINDING YOUR FIRE.

I am thrilled to be completing a second book but even more excited to share the experiences others have shared with me to bring it to completion. One thing I will be most certainly assessing is  how I can best help YOU find YOUR FIRE as I know I have most certainly found mine.

This past year, one very personal and honest assessment made me realize if you can find what creates a fire in your belly, a passion in your soul and a drive in your life, you most certainly can change many aspects which you may have thought you had little power to change or little ability to handle.

What do you really need to take the time to seriously assess? Is it your career, your faith, your relationships, your anger, your obsessions? Everyone has something that needs assessing.

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I invite you to take some time to assess ONE particular area of your life where you have been less effective or inadequate and honestly answer this question.


If you can't assess and can't respond what you want to do about it, you also can't do anything about it but more of the same. Is that what you want again or is it finally time to assess what you really DO want?

Some see life filled with obstacles you must get over, while others see the same as stepping stones to get around. It's all how you ASSESS it.

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